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We open the mini kindergarten - tuition only 400 PLN.

English all day
& every day

Plush Academy Kindergarten

An ideal place for parents looking for a kindergarten in Warsaw, which cares for not just the toddlers but also their creativity, imagination, and above all faith in their own abilities.

Based on the Montessori pedagogy method we combine learning with fun. Supporting the creative activity of the children, strengthening their ability to tackle life’s challenges.

Plush Academy is a multi-language kindergarten. Using the immersion method, which is natural, and thus the most durable method to develop both vocabulary and grammatical structures. In everyday situations, we provide children with constant contact with the English language, allowing them to actively participate in the environment of a new language.

As a private kindergarten, we provide children with the professional care of fully qualified staff, adapted around the needs of their parents. Plush Academy is open from 7.00-18.00.

The Kindergarten is located in Warsaw's Ursynów. There is free parking next to the kindergarten and is within walking distance of the Imielin subway station, making the daily commute much easier.

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Dziecko z niebieskim balonikiem


The mission of our preschool in Ursynów is to bring up independent, creative and confident children, under the supervision of our caring and competent teachers. Able to tackle new situations, solving problems, seeking success whilst also being capable of dealing with failure in a constructive manner. We support and direct the development of the child in accordance with the individual’s potential to build a solid foundation for continued development throughout their life.


If you are interested in leaving your little one in our Kindergarten, please contact us by phone or send your inquiries to us via e-mail.

The nursery accepts children from 2.5 years of age.

tel. 737 461 830